Mindful Yoga & Therapy: Two paths to mental clarity

Many people practice yoga for stress relief, the health benefits of the exercises and for the mental acuity that accompanies the practice. Originally, yoga was developed as a way of preparing the mind for meditation - to sit in silence, stillness, and detachment from the normal thoughts and emotional patterns that fill everyday life.  This aspect [...]

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3 breathing techniques to manage anxiety

We don’t typically notice our breathing unless there is something wrong. But breath can be a powerful tool in its ability to help ground and move us through difficult emotions. Moving the breath with intention around your body can have incredible results, especially if you struggle with anxiety. Below are 3 practices which use the [...]

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Yoga + Psychotherapy: An integration for healing

Claire Taylor has been with Winterkorn Counseling & Psychotherapy since its inception. In addition to her warm, welcoming, and thoughtful presence, she brought to the practice an integration of Eastern and Western modes of healing, specifically Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. In this interview, she shares how she integrates yoga and psychotherapy in her work with [...]

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