Get the most out of social media

The holidays are rife with opportunities to engage with social media. For many, Instagram and Facebook offer a fun way to share the events of our lives with friends and relatives. But for people who struggle with depression or social isolation, they can also contribute to mental health challenges. In a recent Huffington Post article, [...]

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How Therapy Can Help with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Ideally you can be good at being alone and being with other people, and enjoy and have time for both.  A lot can get in the way of this, especially if you don’t feel like you can comfortably be yourself when you are with other people, or being alone scares you. Sometimes it feels like [...]

Be Kinder to Yourself with Mindfulness

We all struggle with our own inner critic.  You know, that harsh, judgmental voice inside you that exclaims, “you’re not good enough” or “you’re stupid” or “you can’t do anything right.” This negative self-talk echoes the voices of people in your life who knowingly or unknowingly put you down, such as family members, peers, and [...]

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How Do I Choose a Therapist?

As a therapist, I frequently get asked how to find a good therapist. I always wish I had a simple answer to share, but the truth is that choosing a therapist can be a bit of a process, especially for people who have never been to therapy before. It doesn’t help that therapists are often [...]

Let’s Talk About Social Anxiety

How does social anxiety tend to manifest itself in a situation where the sufferer is meeting lots of new people? While we use the term "social anxiety" to mean a shared cluster of symptoms (fear of social embarrassment, avoidance of social situations, awareness of excessive unreasonable fear in social situations, and sometimes panic attacks in [...]

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