How to Deal with Anxiety and Be More Assertive in Your Relationships

In the simplest terms, to assert oneself is to be able to identify and express one’s needs to another person. And while this quality may come naturally to some people, many find it much more difficult to practice and deal with anxiety around it.  This often comes up during relationship counseling sessions in our office. [...]

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How to Communicate More Assertively

Many people struggle with assertiveness and asking for what they want. Yet, being straightforward is often a quality those same people revere most in others. If you find you struggle with communication, this article from The Cut has tips on how to begin being more blunt. Our social graces sometimes undermine our ability to be clear [...]

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3 breathing techniques to manage anxiety

We don’t typically notice our breathing unless there is something wrong. But breath can be a powerful tool in its ability to help ground and move us through difficult emotions. Moving the breath with intention around your body can have incredible results, especially if you struggle with anxiety. Below are 3 practices which use the [...]

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Have you experienced trauma?

In the wake of recent events like devastating hurricanes, flooding, and gun violence, you may be feeling the emotional effects of these experiences, or feeling vicariously through the experiences of your loved ones or friends.  These emotions can be confusing and overwhelming, depending on your own personal history and present circumstances. If you’re wondering whether [...]

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Can Therapy Help with Political Anxiety?

A common refrain from journalists, activists, celebrities, and pundits since Donald Trump’s election is “This is not normal.” But as the months crawl on, many New Yorkers are asking themselves if a constant state of anxiety about the political future actually is the new normal.  Can therapy help with this? Worry about the future is [...]

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7 Essentials for Overcoming Addiction and Creating Lasting Change

Many factors contribute to our susceptibility towards addiction, including our biology, genetics, and the environment around us.  Living in NYC provides its own set of challenges when it comes to healing as there is temptation around every corner.  Whether it is your relationship to drugs, food, exercise, alcohol, porn, or internet use, here are some [...]

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