Anxiety, Stress, & Feeling Stuck

Our modern life requires that we juggle an enormous amount of choice, responsibility, relationships, roles, work hours and home tasks. This has increased anxiety and stress that can be difficult to manage. While therapy can’t take away your life stressors, working with one of our therapists can help you manage your anxiety, stress and alleviate feelings of stuckness in a way that helps you live a more enjoyable life.

Therapists specializing in anxiety, stress, and feeling stuck include:

Fertility, Pregnancy &

Whether you’re having difficulties becoming pregnant, or are currently going through a pregnancy, each situation has its own unique set of challenges. Hormonal fluctuations and rapid physical changes can manifest as emotional swings and erratic behavior. Some women have difficulty maintaining a positive body image and sustaining a healthy sense of sexuality during and after their pregnancy.

Likewise, there are many challenges that partners face when dealing with pregnancy, from impotence and infertility to the pressures of becoming a co-parent. When a couple introduces a third, highly demanding individual into the world, their relationship must be redefined to make space for the new personality. Whatever the issue, we’re ready to provide the support you need.

Therapists specializing in fertility & pregnancy include:

Relationships & Couples Therapy

Relationships are the make or break reason our lives feel fulfilling or lonely. We often aren’t given realistic expectations and experiences of what a healthy relationship can look like. Working hard on our relationship can be a disappointing reality if we expected that once we found our “soul mate” or best friend life would fall easily into place. Relationships take ongoing work for them to maintain a strong connection and be healthy.

At Winterkorn Counseling & Psychotherapy we use the Gottman Method in our Couples Therapy. This research-based approach helps us maximize our effectiveness in improving your relationship now with long-lasting effects.

​Therapists specializing in marriage and relationships include:

Body Positivity & Confidence

In our youth and thin-obsessed culture, it can be difficult for anyone to have a healthy body image. We are often told: how you think you look on the outside is a reflection of how you feel about yourself on the inside. It’s not as simple, though, to say that if you change how you feel about yourself on the inside, many challenges to your body image will disappear. Your feelings about your body are constructed from the things other people have said to you or made you feel about your body. If how you look has been prioritized over who you are, no wonder you may be very focused on that image. Sometimes the most painful things about how we look are said by those closest to us. Our therapists are open, non-judgmental and promote a “health at every size” approach to working to restore a healthy sense of self.

Therapists specializing in healthy body image include:

Energy Healing

Gretchen offers intuitive energy healing combining ritual and prayer (focused intent) rooted in a clinical understanding of what you are bringing in. One-time sessions and deeper long-term work are available in person at Birdess, her nature based healing practice in the Hudson Valley and remotely via video. To find out more click here.

Therapists specializing in energy healing include:

Spirituality &

Often the very challenges that lead you to seek therapy can bring up larger questions about human life. Why do I need to experience this pain? Why am I here? What connects us all, if anything? Other times, these existential questions might plague you, leading you to seek therapy to try to understand them or at least find relief from the questioning. Our therapists are trained in holding space for your spiritual questioning and concerns so you can explore and find your own truths. While we may share our own perspective, we are not here with the final answers, but to provide guidance and support on your spiritual path.

Additionally, many of our therapists are trained in spiritual techniques such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation and energy work that can support the work of your therapy. These techniques complement Western psychotherapy practice with important breathwork, attunement to your body and focusing of your attention that can help relieve symptoms, calm the mind and help life feel more manageable.

Therapists specializing in spirituality and mindfulness include:

Feminist, Anti-Racist, and
LGBTQ Friendly

Our therapists are well trained in both psychotherapeutic skills and intersecting oppression related to identity, race, class, gender, size, sexuality, ability and more. We are careful to make sure we are always bringing both lenses into the room while working together. We serve many communities that have been marginalized and misunderstood including queer, LGBT, people of color, fat, kink, BDSM, transgender, and differently-abled folks.

Therapists specializing in LGBTQ, feminism, and anti-racist work include:

Career & Life Transition

It’s no coincidence the most stressful events in a person’s life all involve a major life transition: moving to a new city, divorce/breaking up with a partner, death of a loved one, major illness or injury, job loss, career change, leaving college, and marriage. Whether you have chosen this transition or it feels like it is happening to you, it is very disruptive and challenging to your sense of self and safety in the world to have your familiar life and routine changed. While transition can be an incredibly difficult time, it’s a wonderful time to begin therapy. During transition you are less bound to certain modes of being and there is more opportunity for you to shift your habits and reactions to life. Meeting with a therapist weekly to talk through your transition provides reliable, comforting support and routine when your life may have little of that in it.

Therapists specializing in career and life transitions include:


Feeling empty, sad and hopeless is an exhausting way to live your life. When depression sets in – even if only for a few weeks – it can color not just your present life but how you view your past and future as well: you may feel you’ve always been this way and life isn’t worth living. It doesn’t help that you likely don’t feel like you have any energy to devote to changing things for the better. The most important thing to remember when seeking therapy for your depression is: the earlier you begin treatment the more effective it is.

Our therapists are skilled at working with depression and the myriad ways it can affect your life: sleeping, eating, and your ability to get to work to name a few. Talk therapy, including interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and problem-solving therapy is an effective way to work through your depression, even very severe depression, with or without medication.

Therapists specializing in depression include: