Flexible and Reliable.

Insurance doesn’t have to be stressful. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the marketplace to ensure you get the care you need.

Insurance Smart

We are an out of network practice. However, many of our clients receive up to 70% reimbursement for each session depending on your insurance plan. We have a strong understanding of deductibles and co-insurances and can walk you through the complexities of the system so that you understand everything you need to receive your full benefit.

Flexible Scheduling

In New York, we often lead busy lives, and schedules sometimes change last minute. We can waive our 24-hour cancellation policy if you’re able to make up the missed session within the following week. We also offer tele-therapy for patients who are unable to make the trip into the office.


We believe in you and you’re worth the investment.


Class Offerings

To join please email info@winterkorncounseling.com

Mindfulness For Anxiety with Melanie

12 pm
9/27 - 11/15
$50/per class, $350 when paid in full.

Have you been searching for ways to lower stress, increase mental focus, and feel a sense of inner peace? In this class, you will learn the foundational skills of mindfulness meditation and how to apply them to reduce stress and anxiety, boost happiness and well-being, and access resilience, joy, and calm.

A growing number of research studies have demonstrated that mindfulness practice can significantly decrease symptoms of anxiety. By cultivating a nonjudgmental, compassionate attitude toward your inner experience, mindfulness meditation can help you create a healthy distance between you and your anxious thoughts and feelings, giving you the space to choose how to respond to them. Doing this in a group environment with Melanie increases accountability and community in the experience of integrating mindfulness into your life.

Melanie Marin, LMSW, a psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner at Winterkorn Counseling and Psychotherapy, will be facilitating a lunchtime mindfulness class on Fridays from 12:00pm to 12:50pm. Each class will consist of a 20-25 minute opening discussion, a 15-20 minute guided meditation, and a closing discussion. No prior experience with meditation or mindfulness is necessary.

Dream Work with Dianne

12 pm
9/25 - 11/13
$50/per class, $350 when paid in full.

Understanding Your Dreams

Do you have an active dream life? Do you wish you could remember your dreams more often and with more clarity? Are you curious to explore the meanings and messages in your dreams? Join us for Understanding Your Dreams!

We will:
Learn about dream interpretation methods from various traditions
Learn tips for getting a good night's sleep and remembering dreams
Collectively explore the meanings and messages of our dreams, through a process that honors each dreamer as the authority of what their dream means to them. Connect with others who are curious about dreams and dreaming.

TheraCoaching (Virtual) with Gretchen

12 pm

This class is for you in you want to engage in a therapeutic process but committing to therapy feels like too much right now. TheraCoaching is a new way to engage with a therapist on a regular basis without a weekly meeting and a long-term therapy process. Get direct answers, solutions and potential action for your life challenges. Gretchen will provide her therapeutic thinking on your questions in a bi-monthly virtual group that is part education and part focused problem-solving all within a community of supportive peers working on their personal growth. E-mail follow-up support with Gretchen is also available in between meetings.

TheraBusiness Coaching (Virtual) with Gretchen

2 pm
9/26 - 11/14

For the therapist seeking to open or expand their private practice and generate passive income. The art of selling therapy is unique and running a business is often fraught with conflict for therapists. We are usually givers and accustomed to accommodating others and prioritizing their needs. This group class is meant to help you find your balance as a therapist-business owner allowing you to create a lifestyle that supports you and in turn those you provide therapy to. Learn to ask for the fees/business/days off that you want. Expand your practice into a group! Create a therapy suite rental business! Gretchen will facilitate and provide her expertise in group as well as hold space for you to be supported by the power of your like-minded peers. Includes resource packet for getting started.

“My therapist has provided me a safe space to investigate and work through my anxieties and fears, She offers enlightening insights, mindfulness exercises and practical tools to cope in everyday life. Our work together has helped me to be more comfortable in my body, find a sense of inner harmony and peace, and to emotionally grow as a person and a partner. I treasure my time with her every week!” – J.M.