Natural Remedies for Anxiety: Healing Crystals with Psychotherapy

Healing crystals are everywhere these days and that’s a good thing.  While evidence-based research on their actual potency is lacking, what has been found to be true is that our belief in them is what makes them so powerfully healing.  As a therapist, I keep crystals in my office and offer them to clients who are interested because I believe they help; especially with overcoming anxiety.  Here’s a guide on how to treat anxiety using healing crystals while in your own therapy:

1. Stay connected to your therapist outside of therapy

One of the hardest parts of therapy can be the days in between sessions with your therapist.  When you have trouble overcoming anxiety during that week, it can be helpful to have a crystal in your pocket or on your desk to remind you of your therapist and make contact with feeling calmer as you do in their presence.  One of the best parts of crystals is that you can take them with you everywhere – you can keep a symbol of your therapist in your pocket, on your bookshelf or even on your body in the form of jewelry.

2. Symbolize a change you are working on with a crystal

Use a crystal to keep you on track with the changes you are working on in therapy.  If you are using your therapy to feel more confident at work and less anxious, keep a stone in your pocket, hand or on your body that represents confidence to you.  You can find crystals that have calming and/or confidence inducing properties, but the most important part is that you connect to it.  Some crystals can be purchased with words on them, such as “brave” and can also be an important reminder of that feeling when you see it.

3. Make contact with nature in the city

Especially in urban environments like New York City, it can be helpful to have a piece of nature from the earth to carry around with you through so much concrete and steel.  Sometimes just seeing or feeling your crystal can help you stop, breathe and feel a bit calmer as you go about your daily life.  You are working in connection with the crystal to bring you back to a place of more calm energy.

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