Shannon Cruz-Herr, LCSW

Co-Clinical Director

I earned my Master’s degree in clinical social work at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College and have post-graduate training in Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy (2 Years) and Psychoanalysis (4 Years) from the Institute For Contemporary Psychotherapy.

For the past six years I have worked as a psychotherapist. Previously, I spent 11+ years in a NYC public high school providing counseling and therapy, teaching comprehensive sex education and advising the LGBTQ student club. I am a certified yoga instructor and practitioner with over a decade of consistent practice. I am very interested in the mind/body connection and am open to bringing in mindfulness techniques to help alleviate anxiety.

Areas of focus/Specialties:
Individuals or part of a couple trying to find your way through anxiety or depression. Life transitions or relationship challenges. Issues related to sexuality and gender identity. Other areas of focus include the grief and loss surrounding fertility challenges, as well as struggles related to substance use-including food, alcohol and drugs.

From a place of collaboration and compassion, my goal is to co-create a space you feel safe within to explore unresolved internal conflicts and difficult external dynamics with others. I believe that “therapy” happens in the relationship between the client and myself. Meaning that within our therapeutic alliance that we will develop trust that will allow you to express yourself freely. I see therapy as an interactive and creative process to encourage insight, healing and growth.

Often times we don’t even realized how disconnected we are from our emotions, and therefore not aware of how our emotions may be ruling us. They aim of psychoanalytic therapy is to help bring your feelings into awareness to better understand yourself and your relationships with others. We will use our alliance to cultivate your curiosity, encourage insight and build upon your innate strengths so that you can feel better.

You May Be:
Someone who knows it takes real courage to be vulnerable and honest. I am constantly in awe of those who show up willing to go deeply within themselves and into the work of therapy. You are someone ready to talk about it all—especially the imperfect, the messy, the real. You’re not afraid to be spontaneous or to disagree with me. You bring all of you to the table – one of the best parts of being a therapist is the rich diversity of my clients’ cultural and professional backgrounds.

Fun Fact:
Once upon a time I was planning to be a veterinarian and I have an undergraduate degree in zoology to show for it. Life before psychotherapy included years of assisting doctors in small animal hospitals and doing research to prevent equine disease. So when it comes to career transitions and finding your way to your life’s passion–I’ve got you covered!