Melanie Marin, LMSW


I hold a Master’s degree in clinical social work from NYU and am currently a psychoanalyst-in-training in the four-year program at the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center (PPSC).

I have worked several years as a clinician in outpatient mental health clinics in Union Square and Chelsea and have been a psychotherapist here at Winterkorn Counseling & Psychotherapy for over 2 years. I am also a mindfulness practitioner and have over 5 years experience facilitating mindfulness groups with clients from diverse backgrounds. You can read some of my writings on the profound healing benefits of Mindfulness on our Blog page! (Link to the Blog)

Areas of focus/Specialties:
I provide individual, couples, and group therapy for adults struggling to find their way through anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship challenges, grief and loss, and substance use. I also work with survivors of trauma in its many forms, such as relational trauma, sexual assault, and social oppression.

Through deep and empathic listening, I seek to create a safe, supportive, compassionate space in which unresolved internal and interpersonal experiences can freely find expression and eventually find their way to resolution. Since therapy is essentially a relationship, I see it as an interactive, collaborative process that promotes insight and healing.

I am trained in psychoanalytic/dynamic and cognitive-behavioral modalities. However, I think it’s a better characterization for me to say that I view psychotherapy as a constantly spontaneously emergent process – that is, there is no predetermined path, but rather, it appears incrementally as we move forward. Within that framework, my job is to stay constantly attuned to what is happening in the moment, and to say what I feel is important to observe at every turn, thus propelling us in some direction. In practical terms, sometimes that means a more cognitive-behavioral intervention is required, other times a more abstract, emotional, or depth-oriented observation.

You May Be:
Someone who is ready to be authentic, to be imperfect, to be honest and real. To talk about it all, especially what is uncomfortable. To share spur-of-the moment ideas that don’t fit into a perfect narrative. One who is not afraid to disagree with me. I enjoy working with clients from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.

Fun Fact:
Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I had a 15-year career as a photo editor in book publishing (so I know all about career transitions!). And I am visual artist specializing in mixed media portraiture and have had my work shown in co-op galleries in NYC.