Gretchen Winterkorn, LCSW


I went to Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College where I learned how to stand up for the rights of others, helped LGBTQ homeless youth at the Ali Forney Center post-graduation and then founded and ran a therapeutic program called H.E.L.P. leading a team of social workers at the VillageCare Health Center. I completed the 2 year program in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and the 4 year Psychoanalytic Program at The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy which deeply informs my clinical understanding and practice.

This year marks 12 years of professionally caring for others as a psychotherapist and social worker and 20 years of my own personal therapy spread over working with several different therapists all of whom contributed to my growth immensely, especially my latest analysis of 8 years. When I met my first Jungian therapist Alan back when I was an 18 year old in art school, I told him I was there for my children – so that the pain that had been passed down in my family could stop. I also told him that I wanted to do what he did but I was becoming an artist. I moved to New York to make performance art, and I did, but I needed something meaningful to devote myself to as a career that could also support me financially. Becoming a psychotherapist has been that meaningful path for me. I have loved the ways in which I discover more and more about myself and my own growth as I have helped others. I love watching others transform their lives. To me, understanding why we are here, who we are and how to love ourselves and others is at the core of all human experience. My training has first and foremost been my work on myself and my relationships.

Areas of focus/Specialties:
Healing family relationships, especially mother/daughter conflict, self-actualization, women seeking their own power, family planning, LGBTQ+ and in general other-ness, especially around identity, size, and sexuality, releasing the artist within, problems in partnership/marriage, new Moms/new baby/new life.

I tend to say more quicker than your average therapist, I like to give feedback and am relatively active. I get to the point and try and reduce complex things down to simpler concepts. I like to laugh together. I am open about myself when that is helpful.

I am a therapist that really stretches to provide the individualized therapy experience that can benefit you most while holding incredibly safe and consistent boundaries. I am open to creative ways to get to the personal healing experience you need: people have sat on my floor, made art, co-created rituals, laid down on my coach, sang, spoke other languages, talked to pillows, and brought home things from my office all as a part of their process in therapy. My ability to balance flexibility around healing modalities with strong professional boundaries is what makes me a good therapist because you can feel both deeply cared for and contained at the same time in our work together.

You May Be:
A woman launching/running your business, an artist turned professional who wants to integrate your creative self in your life, over-competent and needing help being vulnerable, a queer person/family planning babies, someone with spiritual new age beliefs, a man with a feminine side.

Fun Fact:
The first thing I wanted to be growing up was a farmer after reading Laura Ingels Wilder ‘Farm Boy.’ I now have started farming on a small scale 20 miles from where my ancestors had a dairy farm for many generations.