Dianne Gallo, LMSW


I earned my MSW from Smith College School for Social Work, a program that combines psychodynamic theory and social justice. I trained in post-abortion counseling with Exhale Pro Voice, and I participated in FemSex, now called GenSex, an anti-oppression workshop for people of all identities about sexuality, consent, communication, power and privilege.

My experience as a therapist includes working with recently immigrated youth, high school and college students, and individuals of all ages, identities, and backgrounds in community mental health. Before training as a therapist, I worked in international women’s rights, food justice, and bilingual education.I love to learn and am continually seeking out new skills and experiences to enhance my work as a therapist. My best training has been my own process of going to therapy, as well as being human and learning along the way. My approach is also informed by training in mindfulness meditation, yoga, and energy healing practices.

Areas of focus/Specialties:
I am passionate about supporting you to be free from fear and anxiety, align to your inner guidance, develop nourishing relationships, and make choices from a place of love, curiosity, and possibility. I’ve supported clients struggling with anxiety, panic, life transitions, relationship issues, and questions of meaning and purpose.

Through deep and empathic listening, I seek to create a safe, supportive, compassionate space in which unresolved internal and interpersonal experiences can freely find expression and eventually find their way to resolution. Since therapy is essentially a relationship, I see it as an interactive, collaborative process that promotes insight and healing.

I see therapy as a space where we can work together to explore your inner world, bring awareness to your patterns, and develop that aspect of you who is brave, connected, loving, and wise. I believe in working with you as a whole person, taking into account the ways in which your identity, environment, and history may influence your lived experience. I give you plenty of space to share, while being engaged and active in conversation with you. Once you’ve shared, I will make sure I’m understanding you well, and will then bring in my observations, questions, and further avenues for exploration.

My work is informed by attachment, feminist, and relational theories. I’ve also studied mindfulness, yoga, and other somatic and energetic practices that can complement traditional psychotherapy by bringing your whole being on board as a part of the process.

You May Be:
A healer, helper, activist, actor, artist, musician, writer, student, or someone looking to deepen creativity, self-expression, and spiritual connection.

Fun Fact:
I love to sing and have performed with vocal ensembles in California and New York. I’m delighted by redwood trees, old bookstores, elaborately decorated snail mail, and dark chocolate.