Carolyn Helfand, LMSW


I earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology, and went on to receive my Master’s of Social Work at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. I chose Hunter because of its strong emphasis on social justice and anti-oppressive social work. I’ve participated in trainings on topics ranging from systemic mechanisms of power and privilege, to gender fluidity, sexuality, and anti-oppressive language.

​I’ve conducted individual and group therapy in an NYC Public High School setting, where we focused on empowering young people during their transitions into autonomy and adulthood. In addition, I have worked with individuals and couples in an outpatient mental health clinic setting, aiding them in addressing a wide array of clinical and abstract emotional concerns.

Areas of focus/Specialties:
I often work with people with high functioning anxiety, who struggle to give themselves permission to feel and to make space in their lives for themselves. I love working with men, women, and non-binary folks who are navigating big life transitions (maybe you’re going back to school, beginning or ending a partnership, or becoming a parent). I also work with those who are hoping to explore and understand their relationships with sex and sexuality. In addition, I work with people and couples (monogamous or otherwise) looking to deepen their connections, embark on a partnership mindfully, or end their partnership collaboratively.

I hold a space that feels warm and loving, but informal. While I make sure I hold safe boundaries for my clients, I believe in the power of transparency and being my genuine self in my work with people.  I approach my clients with compassionate curiosity, and I encourage them to do the same. This is the place to be honest, vulnerable, and messy. To put it bluntly: no one has their sh*t together in every category of their lives, all the time. I’m going to meet you right as you are, right now. My style is collaborative, inquisitory, humorous, and caring. Within our working relationship, I’ll encourage us both to get comfortable questioning, and being questioned. For what it’s worth, I’ve also been described as “unshockable,” so feel free to bring your real feelings on.

I often practice from a relational framework, and believe that substantial healing can come from within the therapeutic relationship itself. We’ll explore the significance of experiences both outside and inside the therapy room, and gain insight into the deeper patterns in your life. My working style is integrative of many approaches–some on the more psychodynamic end of the spectrum, where we’ll search for insight into the foundation of who you are, and others on the behavioral end of the spectrum, where we’ll unpack thought and behavior patterns that don’t align with your goals and path.

You May Be:
​Feeling emotionally fatigued or overwhelmed. You might be wondering if your relationship is right for you. You may be a perfectionist, a procrastinator, a people pleaser. You might be feeling pretty okay lately, but want to explore therapy in order to better understand how you connect to yourself, your family, and the world around you. You might be reading this and wondering “Okay, sure, but should I go to therapy? Because I’m (insert various reasons you think you don’t deserve care, attention, and to invest in yourself).” I could be the right therapist for you–or, someone else could be! Let’s find out together.

Fun Fact:
I was born and raised in NYC! So yes, I often wear all black and walk obscenely fast.