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Jennifer Zigler


Jennifer graduated with honors from her Master’s program at Iona College.  She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over five years’ experience in New York City as well as postgraduate training in couples counseling from the Training Institute for Mental Health.

With a background in acting, Jennifer has always been fascinated with other people and their stories.  She sees therapy as a creative, collaborative process in which she works closely with individuals and couples to find new ways of understanding their unique narrative.  In working with artists, she understands the struggle between the vulnerability needed to be creative and the thick skin necessary to thrive as a creative professional.

Having navigated her own career and relationship changes in her fifteen years as a New Yorker, Jennifer is well acquainted with the stress and anxiety that can accompany even the most positive changes and especially enjoys helping others find their way through life transitions.  Her couples work is grounded in the understanding that most couples are stuck in a cycle of repeating the same conflict (and it’s rarely about who left the dirty dishes in the sink).  She works with the couple to come to an understanding of the feelings and expectations that each partner is bringing to the relationship so that they can begin to find their way out of that cycle.

Jennifer loves to travel and discover new places (especially if they lead her to the beach).

Jennifer is an intelligent, earnest and empathic listener who will help you connect to a larger voice you may be not be hearing – and in doing so, you will begin to make changes in choices and actions.  With couples, she understands that each person comes [to therapy] with hurt, anger and worries.  Jennifer helps deconstruct and understand all of the feelings… leading to constructive change.

   – LouAnn Smith, LCSW


Jennifer believes deeply in the power of the therapeutic relationship to foster self-awareness, healing, and positive change.  She works from a place of genuine compassion and interest in other people and their experiences.  As a therapist, her goal is to be curious about you and to help you to be curious about yourself and how you relate to your world.

Jennifer is trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and attachment-based approaches and incorporates mindfulness techniques in her work with clients.  Whether you are seeking therapy individually or with your partner, Jennifer will work collaboratively with you create a therapeutic experience that is meaningful for you


Creative Professionals
Couples Counseling
Life Transitions
Relationship Issues
Work-related Stress

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Education & Certificates

Master of Mental Health Counseling

Iona College

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Virginia Weslyan College

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