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Gretchen Winterkorn


Gretchen graduated with a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University with University and College Honors, has a Master of Social Work degree from Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College and completed 6 years of post graduate training with certificates in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis from the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy.

Her work has been published in the The Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health and been presented at over 7 juried conferences, including at the Transgender Mental Health Symposium, Catholic University and The New School for Social Research.

Gretchen moved to New York in 2003 to practice as a performance installation artist after studying art abroad at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, Germany. She worked in interior design while performing and producing work in the downtown performance scene as burlesque and performance artist “Fetchin’ Gretchen.” These years spent working creatively inform Gretchen’s thinking and style as a psychotherapist and she works with many people in creative fields.

After transitioning into the psychotherapeutic field, Gretchen practiced, developed and ran programs at The Door, The Ali Forney Center and VillageCare where she founded and directed the HELP Program at the Health Center, leading a team of social workers and therapists. Her enjoyment and success leading and supervising a group of therapists inspired Gretchen to start Winterkorn Counseling & Psychotherapy in 2016 after three years in successful private practice. In addition to understanding and helping people, she enjoys flower arranging, stinky cheese, Nina Simone, and time in nature.

Gretchen brings a warmth and thoughtfulness to her work that is essential in the therapeutic process. It is with confidence that she is a go-to clinician within my referral network and I admire the wisdom, authenticity, and open mindedness that she brings to her practice.

– Sarah Perl, LCSW-R, CDWF


Gretchen has an interactive style. After listening to what you have to say, she always responds with feedback, including her understanding of what you shared and anything additional she thinks may be useful to you.

Many people wonder about what their therapist is thinking about them and any conclusions they may have drawn about them privately. Gretchen is open with you about her process and if she thinks she has “figured something out” about you, she will share that and ask and look for your feedback. She believes that only if something resonates with you will you both have discovered something useful for your therapy and growth.

Gretchen studies alternative forms of healing that can complement Western psychotherapy practice and has taken workshops and trainings in Shamanism, Reiki, Mind-body healing, Authentic Movement and Flower Essences alongside her clinical training. If you are interested in this type of work it can be integrated into your therapy sessions with Gretchen.


Spirituality and existentialism
Fertility and Pregnancy Issues
Life Transitions
Cis Partners of Transgender People
Kink and Poly friendly
Confidence building
Fat positive
Racial Oppression
Therapist and Caregiver challenges
Therapy business consultation
Clinical Supervision

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Education & Certificates

Certificate in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy (ICP) 2017

Certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy (ICP) 2013

Masters in Social Work

Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College 2009

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Carnegie Mellon University 2003

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