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Dianne Gallo


Dianne is passionate about supporting you to be free from fear and anxiety, align to your inner guidance, develop nourishing relationships, and make choices from a place of love, curiosity, and possibility.

Dianne earned her MSW from Smith College School for Social Work. Dianne’s approach is informed by her training in mindfulness meditation and yoga, and her regular practice of both modalities. Dianne trained in post-abortion counseling with Exhale Pro Voice, and she participated in FemSex, now called GenSex, an anti-oppression workshop for people of all identities about sexuality, consent, communication, power and privilege.

Dianne’s experience as a psychotherapist includes working with recently immigrated youth, high school and college students, and individuals of all ages, identities, and backgrounds in community mental health. Dianne especially enjoys working with artists, musicians, writers, activists, students, thinkers, people engaged in healing and helping roles, and anyone looking to deepen creativity and self-expression. She provides psychotherapy in English and Spanish.

Previously, Dianne worked in international women’s rights, food justice, and bilingual education. Dianne loves to sing and has performed with ensembles in California and New York. She is delighted by redwood trees, old bookstores, elaborately decorated snail mail, and dark chocolate.

Dianne thinks and feels deeply with her patients. Through her ability to attune, empathize, and explore with playful curiosity, Dianne provides a loving and safe relationship for others to uncover their inner truths and confront their deepest fears. She is truly skillful in creating an environment for lasting personal growth.

–Nicole Nejad, LMSW


Dianne believes therapy can be a powerful catalyst for healing and transformation. She sees therapy as a space where we can work together to explore your inner world, bring awareness to your patterns, and develop that aspect of you who is brave, connected, loving, and wise. In session, Dianne will work with you as a whole person, taking into account the ways in which your identity, environment, and history may influence your lived experience.

Dianne’s work is informed by her studies in attachment, feminist, and relational theories. She has also studied a variety of somatic and energetic healing modalities that can complement traditional psychotherapy by bringing your whole being on board as a part of the healing process.


Anxiety & Panic
Body Image
Life Transitions
Life Meaning & Purpose
Relationship Issues

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Education & Certificates

Master of Social Work

Smith College School for Social Work

Bachelor of Arts in English & Spanish Language & Literature

Brandeis University

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