Self-Care Tips for after a Break-up

The time after a break-up can be a really raw time. It’s incredibly normal - whether you were the one "being broken up with" or "did the breaking up" - to feel utterly abandoned afterwords.  This is because the unconscious doesn’t know direction - it just knows that the person you call/text/sleep with/come home to [...]

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How to Deal with Anxiety and Be More Assertive in Your Relationships

In the simplest terms, to assert oneself is to be able to identify and express one’s needs to another person. And while this quality may come naturally to some people, many find it much more difficult to practice and deal with anxiety around it.  This often comes up during relationship counseling sessions in our office. [...]

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Using Mindfulness as a Couple

Your partner says something that pushes your buttons, and before you know it, a minor disagreement quickly escalates into a heated argument with blood pressure rising, stomach churning, and fists clenching. How can you avoid this vicious cycle as a couple? One word—mindfulness. Mindfulness is the non-judgmental awareness that enables you to shift out of [...]

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Multilingual Therapy Is Twice As Effective

Our emotional experiences are understood and processed through language. But what happens when people speak more than one language? If English is your second language or if you grew up in a household where a language other than English was spoken, chances are that some of your emotional experiences are coded in that language.  And [...]

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Finding Hope in Your Relationship

When things are not going well with your partner, you can begin to feel hopeless and helpless as you go around and around with the same arguments that never seem to reach a resolution.  Overcoming these fears and walking into couples therapy for the first time can spark a feeling of hope that can [...]

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How to Communicate More Assertively

Many people struggle with assertiveness and asking for what they want. Yet, being straightforward is often a quality those same people revere most in others. If you find you struggle with communication, this article from The Cut has tips on how to begin being more blunt. Our social graces sometimes undermine our ability to be clear [...]

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Resolving the Hedgehog’s Dilemma

In 1851, German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer formulated what has been termed the "hedgehog's dilemma," a parable about human relationships and intimacy. The parable goes something like this: when it is cold outside, hedgehogs move towards one another in order to be warmed by each other's body heat. However, upon reaching a certain closeness to one [...]

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Cultivating Real Gratitude

Holiday season is nearly upon us. Thanksgiving is the first and potentially most contentious holiday, since it was expressly created for the purpose of being thankful. If you struggle emotionally around the holidays, you’re certainly not alone. Giving thanks over food and drinks can be problematic for some, or maybe you are still feeling a [...]

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How Therapy Can Help with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Ideally you can be good at being alone and being with other people, and enjoy and have time for both.  A lot can get in the way of this, especially if you don’t feel like you can comfortably be yourself when you are with other people, or being alone scares you. Sometimes it feels like [...]