Multilingual Therapy Is Twice As Effective

Our emotional experiences are understood and processed through language. But what happens when people speak more than one language? If English is your second language or if you grew up in a household where a language other than English was spoken, chances are that some of your emotional experiences are coded in that language.  And [...]

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Go to therapy, even when you’re feeling good

If the thought of not using your therapy time as efficiently as your work time makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Many people begin therapy in times of crisis, when problems get to be so large and all-consuming that they need an outlet. Much of those early sessions are spent dissecting an issue, concentrating on [...]

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Achieve Your Goals with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

When I work with people in therapy who are unsatisfied with their lives and feel stuck, a question that I often ask is, “Do you feel worthy of living the life you want?” Why do I ask that? Well, I think many of us get in our own way because we don’t feel as though [...]

How Do I Choose a Therapist?

As a therapist, I frequently get asked how to find a good therapist. I always wish I had a simple answer to share, but the truth is that choosing a therapist can be a bit of a process, especially for people who have never been to therapy before. It doesn’t help that therapists are often [...]

How to Make the Right Decision

The title of this blog post is misleading. While I am asked many times by my clients about how to make the right decision, I ultimately share that from my perspective there is no “right” decision - only the decision (or choice, as I prefer) that you make and all of the good and bad [...]

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