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Casey Flax


In addition to her clinical social work experience, Casey brings over 7 years of experience working in creative professions both nonprofit and corporate. Her arts experience includes formative work at an artist community, which reinforced her belief in the power of community to bring about creative and personal change.

Casey creates a compassionate, friendly, and safe environment for patients to express themselves and learn. Providing perspective and feedback on relationship issues, grief and loss, family issues, medical conditions, anxiety, work issues, and other life transitions, she helps her clients achieve more peaceful, fulfilling lives through greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Her training at Hunter College’s Silberman School of Social Work instilled an unwavering awareness in her practice of how social issues and patterns of systemic oppression affect people of all ages.

Casey is a lifelong singer with extensive vocal training and a keen interest in posture and breath. She’s ready to discuss the thinkers, writers, and artists whose work sustains her patients outside of session.

Casey is a compassionate, empathic clinician; she strives to counsel her patients with the utmost respect, care and professionalism. She balances well caring with confrontation to help her patients achieve their therapeutic goals.

– Barbara Castro, LCSW, CASAC


Casey’s approach is anchored in an abiding fascination with the human experience, drawing from a variety of influences including psychodynamic theory, attachment theory, cognitive psychology, Buddhist meditation practices, yoga, and the arts.

She is deeply interested in the body and it’s innate ability to move toward healing and resilience. Casey’s research interests include the growing fields of somatic therapies for healing trauma, polyvagal theory, psychedelic-assisted therapy, and nature therapy. Casey considers each patient holistically, working with all aspects of lifestyle to support change, and striving to communicate in simple terms about big, complex subjects in the vein of thinkers who inspire her like Bessel Van der Kolk, Brene Brown, and Tara Brach.


Life Transitions
Relationship Issues
Grief and Loss
Stress Management
Work-related Stress

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Education & Certificates

Master of Social Work

Silberman School of Social Work, Hunter College

Bachelor of Arts in History

Denison University

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